Monday, December 30, 2013

Layering it up.

 Sweater: Zara
Croc Clutch: Zara (here)
Shoes: Zara. (here)
Shirt: Banana Republic
Jeans: Levi's
Lipstick: CoverGirl.
Hey guys, long time no see!... I wanted to do this post to say goodbye to 2013 and welcome 2014. As you can see in this post one of my favorites colors is black. I think it can make any outfit look chic and expensive just by adding the right amount of accessories. I wanted to pair black and some hues of blue and red. As for the red lipstick, I love the color but it makes my lips pretty dry. As much as I love the CoverGirl products, this is the one I have a pretty negative opinion about... I hope you enjoy this post, thank you for staying around and sorry for being absent for so long, I'll be doing frequent posts in 2014, keep in touch. Love you and see you soon!!
Hola chicos, cuánto tiempo sin verles! ... Yo quería hacer este post para decir adiós a 2013 y dar la bienvenida al 2014. Como  pueden ver en este post una de mis colores favoritos es el negro. Creo que puede hacer que cualquier equipo look chic y caro con solo agregar  la cantidad adecuada de accesorios. Por eso quise utilizar tonos negros y algunos de azul y rojo. En cuanto al labial, me encanta el color, pero deja mis labios muy secos. Por mucho que me encantan los productos CoverGirl, de este tengo una opinion negativa... Espero que disfruten de este post, gracias por seguir aqui y siento  haber estado ausente durante tanto tiempo,  estare haciendo los posts mas  frecuentes en 2014. Los quiero y hasta pronto!



  1. Muy chic tu atuendo, super tu clutch la verdad le da un super toque de color...Besos

  2. I agree about the black and I love the pop of color you added. Love your sweater, heels and bag. Happy New Year.
    Ms Dee Kay

  3. Perfect outfit for casual days!

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  4. I love the zipper details on that top, so cute! Awesome shoes and bag too!

  5. Love that clutch! It's perfect with the cobalt pumps!
    Have a great New Year!

  6. I totally agree with you about black! It's my favorite color and rare for me to have a day where I'm not wearing something black. Your sweater is super cool and the clutch is such a great stand out piece! Thank you for hosting the link up!
    On the Daily Express

  7. great coordination, the color scheme is lovely. & happy new year to you.

  8. Thanks for following - it´s a pleasure for me that I already followed you on gfc and bloglovin <3

    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  9. Oh very cute outfit! Now I´m following you in GFC (Like Sakuranko) and Bloglovin´ (#60)
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  10. Your whole attire is great, I'm in love with clutch. Amazing look!!!!

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